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These are the 6 things you must know about dental insurance

Dental health has proven to be expensive whether you have insurance or you don’t. However, the burden is usually less for people who have insurance as compared to those who do not especially when it comes to advanced dental procedures such as crowns or implants.

Before you make the decision on whether or not you need an insurance cover, here are the 6 things you must know about dental insurance.


#1 Dental insurance is not the same as medical benefits

Generally, dental insurance is specifically aimed at preventive treatment and this is evidenced in the fact that dental plans will always offer 100 per cent payment for services that are preventive in nature such asgeneral check-ups, teeth cleaning and x-rays and. However, for dental services that arerather complex for instanceperiodontal cleanings and teeth fillings, the insurance cover will often just cover a percentage of the cost and require the beneficiary to cover the deficit.


#2 Dentalbraces are excluded from your cover

In majority of the cases, insurance companies do not offer a cover for orthodontics for individual insurance covers. This is a cover that is mostly only available for policies that are work-based. This means that most individuals getting a dental insurance will not be covered for braces.

#3 An insurance plan limits you to specific practitioners

Generally, with dental insurance, you can only access services from a prescribed list of dentist who are participating in your insurer’s network. It is therefore important to find out whether your personal dentist, if you have a preferred one, is part of this network. Otherwise, you may be forced to foot the bill out of pocket despite having a cover for the service.


#4 Insurance covers offer discount plans

The whole idea behind getting dental insurance is to reduce you costs of dental health therefore, you need to be aware of certain discount plans available courtesy of your insurer. Remember to find out whether your dentist is participating in the network in order to enjoy such benefits.


#5 Alwayscompare prices

Before seeking any service from a practitioner, it is important to know the cost therefore be sure to request for a pre-treatment estimate up front. Do this for about three or four service providers under you insurance cover so that you can find the one that offers the best rates. This will enable you maximize on your insurance cover.


#6 Consider visiting dental schools

Dental schools generally provide really good treatment at significantly reduced costs. This is because most of the work is done by dental students as part of their practical course work under the supervision of a veteran instructor. Most insurance companies allow for this and the benefit is that it will significantly help cut your dental health costs.

With this information at your fingertips, you will be better placed to reap the maximum benefits from your insurance cover.

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