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Dental Health – These are your payment options

Dental care is not cheap, especially once you wait until there is a problem and you have to see a dentist for treatment.

Dental health experts will attest that the cheapest way to take care of your teeth is simply brushing them twice a day, ensuring you do regular flossing and cutting down on your sugar intake.

Whether you are visiting a dental health expert for a regular check-up or for major dental work, there are a number of payment options available to you depending on the nature of the service. Here are a few options available to you.


The National Health Service

11 - Dental Health – These are your payment options

Through the National Health Service, beneficiaries of the scheme can get access to various dental services at various fixed rates. For instance, services like consultation, dental examination and diagnostics are charged at £19.70. Other services such as X-Rays and marginal corrections of filings are also covered in the above cost. However, for more advanced procedures such as root canals and dental extractions, the cost goes higher. It is therefore upon you to find out what you are entitled to under the National Health Service before you visit the dentist.


Through dental insurance

12 - Dental Health – These are your payment options

Getting a dental insurance is by all means a very convenient and flexible way to cover your routine as well as complex dental treatments, accidents and emergency dental procedures. Most insurance companies will give you a breakdown of what is on offer and the corresponding monthly or annual premiums you will need to pay in order to be insured against such eventualities. It is often upon you to familiarize yourself with what is on offer and take a policy that is most convenient to you.


Through your savings

13 - Dental Health – These are your payment options

When you know that dental health is not cheap, it helps if you can save up for such services. You can opt to save a little money every month towards dental costs so that when a time comes that you need to see a dentist, you do not have to dent your wallet.


Having a personal dental plan

14 - Dental Health – These are your payment options

In this option, certain dentists are open to negotiation a payment plan with their patients whereby both parties work out a capitation plan allowing the patient to deposit payments over an agreed upon period of time and this gives them access to various agreed services. Most of these services are those that are not covered under the National Health Service scheme.

All in all, the payment options that a person chooses are often pegged on their own individual circumstances. It is however advisable to consult widely so that you can find a model that works best for you.

Always keep in mind that when it comes to dental health, prevention is better than treatment.

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