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3 important benefits of dental implants

Our teeth can get damaged for one reason or the other. The most common causes of teeth damage are dental cavities which eat through our teeth, and accidents which may result in the loosening, breaking or even complete uprooting of teeth.

Damage to the teeth can be repaired through dental implants.

So, what is a dental implant? A dental implant is basically a small titanium alloy screw that connects an artificial tooth firmly to the jaw. It is usually surgically inserted into the jawbone to provide a firm and permanent connection.

In this article, we look at 3 important benefits of dental implants.


#They improve appearance

Losing your teeth is never a good experience and in most cases, it may lead to some form of emotional stress when you can no longer open your mouth comfortably or even smile because of missing teeth. This may sound a bit superficial for someone with a full set of teeth but someone who has lost teeth may be in a better position to get it because they understand the effect on their appearance. Dental health experts and even psychologists will attest that once someone gets dental implants, their confidence levels get a huge boost because of the improvement in their appearance. The restoration of the ability to smile comfortably and open the mouth comfortably tremendously improves a person’s work as well as personal life.


#They improve oral health

Anytime you lose a tooth or teeth, it interferes with balance in the dental structure. This may often result in your remaining teeth being affected such us the tilting or shifting of the teeth next to the gap because of normal activities such as chewing. Ultimately, this may interfere with a person’s ability to chew well and as time goes by, more and more teeth on that row will continue to get affected and a person may end up losing them as well. However, getting a dental implant as soon as you lose a tooth or teeth ensures the gap is plugged with an actual tooth though artificial and ensures balance in the dental structure.


#They improve comfort

People who have lost one, two or a couple of teeth have complained of discomfort whenever the gap or gaps in between the teeth are exposed to things like hard pieces of food while chewing. This becomes very uncomfortable especially when you have to go through this every time you eat. Some people have been forced to give up their favorite meals such as meat due to this discomfort. Dental implants can help in reducing such discomforts.

It is important to point out however that dental implants have to be inserted by a reputable dental practitioner. It is for the best interest of your oral health to ensure that the dentist you visit has the right skill so as not to expose yourself to any risks as this is a complex surgical procedure.

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