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6 tips to end your sugar addiction

We have established that sugar is not good for your teeth. This is no surprise to many because it is something our mums kept saying over and over as we were growing up. Unfortunately, sugar still remains one of the major causes of dental problems globally.

The solution is simple, cut down on your sugar intake. Sounds simple though for many of us, sugar is an addiction therefore making it difficult to cut down on our consumption.

Here are the top 6tips to end your sugar addiction.

1 Learnt to recognize food that contains sugar: Most of us only know sugar as the granular white stuff we regularly add to our tea to taste. However, we need to know that many of the things we consume actually contain sugar. The beginning of the fight against sugar addiction is first recognizing all the things we consume that contain sugar.

2 Start with a healthy breakfast: We need to be cognizant of the fact that most of the cereals we take for breakfast contain very high sugar levels. Some are believed to be composed of about one third sugar. As we pick our breakfast, it is advisable to go for healthy options that contain less sugar. In addition to this, eating sufficient breakfast ensures that we reduce our snack intake during the day thus further cutting down on sugars.

3 Go for sugar free alternatives: Sometimes we can’t help ourselves from snacking during the day. For some, this is the highlight of the day. Dental experts recommend going for sugar free alternatives such as nuts as opposed to a doughnut or biscuits.

4 Read the label carefully: There are a number of products in the market labelled as ‘healthy’ because they contain no fats. It is important to note that many of these fat free products still contain high sugar levels. It is therefore important to read the label well.

5 Work on your bad habits: Some things we do just out of habit and not necessity. For instance, snacking just a few minutes before bedtime, having dessert every day of the week and adding sugar to sweeten things among others are habits we should considergetting rid of.

6 Go for the fresh option: Often, when we consume dried fruits, they tend to stick in between the gaps on our teeth thus exposing us to cavity. Consuming a fresh fruit however reduces the sticking hence helps protect your teeth.

These are just some ideas on how to reduce our sugar intake and reduce the exposure of our teeth to cavity causing bacteria. They are worth a try for good oral health.


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