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6 simple ways to overcome dental anxiety

Did you know that 1 in 10 people have a phobia for dentists? Yes, this is actually a thing. About a third of adults do not seek the services of dentists out of fear or dislike as a result of a phobia that causes too much anxiety when the thought of seeing a dentist comes to mind.

For good oral health, dental anxiety needs to be faced head on. Here are 6 ways to overcome dental anxiety.


#1 You need to talk to your dentist

21 - 6 simple ways to overcome dental anxiety

It is important to gather the courage to explain to your dentist how you feel. This is the first step towards dealing with dental anxiety. Once your dentist understands your problem, he/she will be able to create a conducive and relaxing environment for you during your visits.


#2 Breathing techniques work here too

22 - 6 simple ways to overcome dental anxiety

Just as in other anxiety disorders, controlled breathing techniques will help in relaxing your body when you are at the dentist thus reducing the anxiety you are experiencing. This helps in reducing the discomfort you go through while at the dentist.


#3 Pick a relaxation technique that works for you

23 - 6 simple ways to overcome dental anxiety

Different people have different ways of relaxing. It is important for you to identify what works for you and use it while visiting the dentist. For instance, if music works for you, you could request the dentist to turn the music on during you appointment.


#4 Seek some counselling

24 - 6 simple ways to overcome dental anxiety

In some cases, dental anxiety can be very severe for some people. It is therefore important for you to identify your level of anxiety so that you can determine whether you should consider counselling. This seeks to identify the root cause of your dental anxiety with a view to help you overcome it.


#5 Join a support networks

25 - 6 simple ways to overcome dental anxiety

You can take some comfort in knowing that dental anxiety is quite common therefore, there are a significant number of support networks available for people like you suffering from these phobias. One such network is offered through the DentalFearCentral website which offers a forum that tries to help patients overcome their phobias.


#6 You can consider sedation

26 - 6 simple ways to overcome dental anxiety

Sedation is not a preferred form of treatment however, it can be an option for patients suffering from severe dental anxiety. The most preferred sedation option is a tablet swallowed before treatment and it makes you drowsy and relaxed but you remain awake during the dental procedure.

It is important to keep in mind that you should never let your fears affect your oral health therefore you should be willing to make every conscious effort to overcome them.

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