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Here is your complete guide to great oral health

How often do you think about your oral health? Your answer is no doubt similar to that of many people – rarely.

Experts in dental health have noted that many people have a tendency to overlook their oral health which is highly ill-advised. As we established in our earlier post, getting regular dental check-ups leads to good oral health as well as dental hygiene.

Below we look at a complete guide to great oral health.


#1 Brush your teeth regularly

Regular brushing of your teeth is one of the basic requirements for great dental hygiene. This helps prevent tooth decay as well as gum diseases because it gets rid of the responsible bacteria and ensures there is no conducive environment for them to thrive.


#2 Practicing interdental cleaning

Your dentist will advise you against relying on your toothbrush alone. This is because there is plaque and bacteria that often thrive in between the teeth where your toothbrush cannot reach. It is recommended to either use a dental tape or dental floss to clean in between your teeth at least once a day.


#3 Check what you eat

Some of the things we consume have a harmful effect on our oral health. For instance, sugary things get stuck on our teeth thus attracting bacteria in our mouth, some of the acidic foods and drinks we consume have the tendency to strip minerals from the tooth enamel thus leaving it exposed and unprotected against cavity. Therefore, it is important for us to watch what we eat for the benefit of our oral health.


#4 Regular visits to the dentist

As we have established, plaque and bacteria naturally build up in our mouth for various reasons. In most cases, regular brushing and flossing may not be enough to contain this build up. It is therefore recommended to visit a dentists on a regular basis for a more comprehensive check-up. A dentist will be able to spot and halt dental problems before they become severe.

Start practicing these four simple guides and you will start noticing a positive difference in your oral health within days.


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