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Dental Health – 3 reasons you need regular check-ups

If you haven’t visited your dentist over the past two years, chances are that you are among the 31 per cent of adults suffering from tooth decay, and this explains your toothaches that are becoming more and more regular.

Dental health experts recommend regular visits to the dentist as a way of ensuring good oral health and a cost saving measure because it is cheaper to get a check-up compared to treating a dental problem.

It is common for most people to focus on the health of the rest of their body and overlook the mouth. Unfortunately, this exposes them to so many oral health issues most of which are irreversible or too expensive to reverse.

Here are the 3 main reasons you need regular check-ups.


Check-ups prevent your regular oral health problems from getting severe

1 - Dental Health – 3 reasons you need regular check-ups

Many of us suffer from the common problem of bleeding gums without our knowledge. What you might not know however, is that letting the bleeding persist without treatment exposes the gums to cavities and inflammation which allow bacteria to thrive and eat into your teeth and eventually into the bone thus causing teeth loss. Regular visits to your dentist will protect you from such problems.


Check-ups protect you from tooth ache

2 - Dental Health – 3 reasons you need regular check-ups

By the time you start having pain on your tooth, it means that cavities have advanced and gotten to your nerve endings. This basically means that you are on the verge of losing your tooth therefore you need to do an extensive filling which is preceded by a root canal, which is a mini surgical treatment meant to save your tooth. Going for regular dental check-ups means your dentist can spot such issues before they become severe.


It is cheaper to do a dental check-up

3 - Dental Health – 3 reasons you need regular check-ups

The benefit of a dental check-up is that the costs are low especially if you compare them to getting an actual treatment such as a tooth replacement or refilling. Getting to spot and remedy oral health problems before they get severe saves a lot on your health related costs.

It should be your goal to make visits to your dentist part of your regular routine. Ultimately, paying attention to your oral health will save you in the long run.

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